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Debenture tickets are the only Wimbledon tickets which can be sold or transferred legally. We only sell Centre Court debenture tickets for Wimbledon, which are situated in the first 11 rows of the Centre Court elevated stand.

  RAIN-CHECK PROTECTION for Wimbledon Tickets:

wimbledon tickets 2005When you buy a Wimbledon ticket, you are effectively reserving your seat on Centre Court  "to view such matches as may be played on........." (the day you choose). Therefore, if it rains on your chosen day, you will not be able to come back on the following day to view the tennis.*

Should any tennis on Centre Court at Wimbledon be cancelled due to rain, or for any other reason, seat privileges for that day will be lost and no compensation will be due (please refer to our Booking Conditions). We offer weather protection 'no play' insurance for a premium of 15 per cent of the cost of the purchase price of each Wimbledon ticket.

For example, the full price for a pair of Centre Court debenture tickets on Tuesday 26 June 2007 is £1,190. Add £178.50 (15%) to this, making a total of £1,368.50. If there is 'No Play' on Centre Court on Tuesday 26th June, 2007, we will refund you the original £1,190 paid for the pair of seats.

The 'no play' protection is payable only if there is no play whatsoever on Centre Court on the designated day.

Please contact us on +44 (0)20 7722 9233 for further information.

* with the exception of ticket holders for the final Sunday of the Wimbledon Championships, who may come back on the following day, should the final day be cancelled due to rain.

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